F.A.Q./Help, it doesn’t work

Does something not work?

There are a few instances where Blackstar may not work correctly. Most of the time, the main issue is that your internet connection is not 1.) reliable, or 2.) simply not working. Reinstalling the application once connected to a stable internet connection will take care of the issue.

Blackstar checks for an internet connection before installation, but just runs a simple PING command for it. If your connection is unstable, unreasonably slow, or dropping packets due to a poor network setup, some features may not work.

In my experience, the vast majority of the time you have issues installing or running utilities, it’s due to a poor internet connection.

If you continue to have issues, email me at [email protected].

What is Blackstar?

Blackstar.su is a personal project of mine to create software for computer technicians.

Everything I create is open source and customizable, I’m easily reachable, and I enjoy what I am making.

Blackstar Tech Tool and related utilities are applications written to make the job of an every-day computer technician easier. Most of your job is repetition – test hardware, clean temporary files, optimize startup entries, create restore points, make sure everything works – Blackstar Tech Tool is a collection of tools to make those simple tasks easier.

Blackstar Tech Tool is also a training tool; if you’re looking for an easy way to turn anyone into a capable technician, this toolkit will have what you need. If you want to learn scripting languages, it’s all there.

The tools you already use every day, such as batch scripting, PowerShell, HTML, and Visual Basic Scripting are all implemented, with (sometimes) well-commented code with helpful advice.

Check out my YouTube page. Email me for advice. Try out Blackstar and let me know what you think.