New Program: Standalone Usability Software Installer

Hey everyone. I re-wrote the usability software HTA file to function as a standalone program. Images are encoded in Base64 for maximum portability.

Download link at the bottom.

This HTA file generates a batch file that will install Chocolatey, and then install any packages checked. I have yet to test it on a fresh machine, but it appears to work swimmingly as-is.

If you are familiar with Ninite, then this will be a very straight-forward program. The program is powered by Chocolatey, an open source alternative to Ninite with many, many more software packages. The program itself is just an HTA file, which means you can add and remove programs from the script yourself, so you can make it all yours.

I recommend using Visual Studio Code, Atom, or Notepad++ to read the code, as it’s quite large for Windows Notepad.

Download it here. As always, I recommend you look through the script on your own before running it to make sure there’s nothing malicious going on there.