New Version Release – 0.9.3

Version 0.9.3 Beta

First things first: this release is very late. I struggled mightily to get a code signing certificate and was thwarted every single step of the way. Arizona won’t add my phone number to my DBA listing, so I had no easy way to prove I am who I say I am. There are ways around this, but the holiday hit and after that I was pretty out of steam.

Also, no one is reading this blog post at this point, so I’m really just venting my personal frustrations to myself.

Okay, on to the new release! Version 0.9.3 is mostly a cleanup release. Google Earth Pro has been added to the usability software installer utility. The progress bars have been unified in shape and size and I’ve added a logo to them.

I have not yet tested the x86 version, but I updated it anyway. Everything in the x64 version has now been run on hundreds of computers of different configurations, (mostly) without fail.

New features

  • Google Earth Pro added to Usability Software installation utility.
  • Progress bar HTAs have been improved.
  • I’m actually back to working on this.

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