New Version Release

Version 0.9.2 Beta

This version completely revamps the installer appearance with an added GUI faux progress bar to let users know things are still going on in the background. Batch files run from the program are now (for the most part) minimized immediately. There’s more work to be done in getting rid of the command prompt window that pops up during the QA procedure, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to hide once I’m 100% certain there are no obvious failure points in the script.

Everything in the tool has now been tested on many, many machines, but without any testing going forward on the x86 version, which I may decide to stop updating soon. I’m only maintaining it for now because all it requires is dropping the \bin\ directory from the x64 version into it, but without testing I’m not certain it’s even worth generating the installers every release.

The installer script itself has also been lightly updated with some graphical changes, but there’s more work to be done there for the future as well.

As an aside, I’m trying to get something going on the social media front so that at least one other person tries out this application before I start actually blasting about it online, since this place is really starting to feel more like a diary to myself than a project.

New features

  • Hidden most batch scripts to clean up appearance of application running
  • All usability software and anti-malware installer scripts are now also cleaner to look at
  • System Restore creation has likewise been updated to hide batch script
  • Initialization script has also been updated to beautify and streamline the install procedure
  • Fixed issue where uninstall script would get into a loop and ask to uninstall software forever
  • Minor cleanup in code comments

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