New Program: Standalone Usability Software Installer

Hey everyone. I re-wrote the usability software HTA file to function as a standalone program. Images are encoded in Base64 for maximum portability. Download link at the bottom. This HTA file generates a batch file that will install Chocolatey, and then install any packages checked. I have yet to test it on a fresh machine, but it appears to work swimmingly as-is. If you are familiar with Ninite, then this

New Version Release – 0.9.3

Version 0.9.3 Beta First things first: this release is very late. I struggled mightily to get a code signing certificate and was thwarted every single step of the way. Arizona won’t add my phone number to my DBA listing, so I had no easy way to prove I am who I say I am. There are ways around this, but the holiday hit and after that I was pretty out

Tracking Down Process Suspension Issue

I ran into an issue on a single machine that I’ve been trying to figure out.

New Version Release

This version completely revamps the installer appearance with an added GUI faux progress bar to let users know things are still going on in the background. Batch files run from the program are now (for the most part) minimized immediately. There’s more work to be done in getting rid of the command prompt window that pops up during the QA procedure, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to hide once I’m 100% certain there are no obvious failure points in the script.

New Version Release

This version introduces a new uninstall routine which performs a more complete cleanup of pre-installed software. There’s also some minor cleanup in the code.

Introducing 32-bit Support

Hey everyone, medium news. I’ve got a (what appears to be functional) 32-bit version of Blackstar available.

Software distribution, code signing, and me.

If you’ve installed Blackstar on any machines, you’ll probably have noticed that your web browser or the Windows SmartScreen feature seems to think it’s some sort of malicious software and warns you before it is installed.

New Version Release

Version 0.9.0 Beta x64 – Click to read more.

New Version Release

After years of futzing around with a random assortment of HTA, VBS, BAT, and PS1 files, I’ve decided to release my final technician utility for use.

Video: Basic code layout and functions

I’ve just uploaded another video going a little more deeply into the application structure overall. I will be releasing more videos going into more detail about how to customize individual scripts in the future, so stay tuned.